The Story

Before being an entrepreneur, Marianne-Coquelicot Mercier is first and foremost a designer. She holds a BA in Industrial Design from Université de Montréal and a college degree in fashion design from Lasalle College. Passionate about textiles — but concerned about overconsumption — Marianne developed a new industrial felt based on the principles of sustainability.

The felts are manufactured with a raw material that can be found in abundance here: recycled clothes! Through a meticulous selection, it is possible to obtain colours without the addition of any dyes. The felts are produced entirely in Québec and divert waste materials from landfill.

chroma felts were created in 2012, thanks to the support and expertise of Denyse Roy (professor at Université de Montréal), the sorting center Certex and manufacturer Texel as well as the financial support from Poly-UdeM Entrepreneurship Centre and the CDEC Centre-sud / Plateau Mont-Royal.

To date and to our knowledge chroma felts are unique in the world.