Is the felt fireproof?

No, but we can apply a fireproofing treatment to it.

What are the best practices to cut the felt?

For small projects, we recommend using sharp scissors or an x-acto knife. For larger projets, we recommend using a blade-mounted CNC machine or a die-cutter. Through our partners, we can offer the two latter services.

Can the felt be use as a cozy for hot pots?

No. Certain fibers that are present in the felt can melt at medium temperatures.

How to clean the felt?

If the felt gets dusty, use a portable vacuum cleaner, as you would for any carpet. If the felt is stained, use a damp cloth with soft soap, and press on the stain. Do not scrub. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

What happened to Tangible Studio ?

Rest assured, nothing at all! Simply, we wanted to separate our consulting (Tangible) and manufacturing (chroma) branches.